Zach & Jaxon

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They are really doing well together. Every day seems to be a little bit better. We also have taken Zach out for ice cream and sat outside on Main Street of the town we live in. It was great; we were able to sit there without worrying about Zach running in the road. Zach seems to really like when we go somewhere with Jaxon: he realizes that he can’t get away and doesn’t even try. Update from Speech Therapist at school. Zach has been much easier to calm down in transitioning from classroom to therapy since Jaxon has started school. Zach leans on Jaxon, I feel, to help him find that “safe place” in transitions. Zach now willingly walks to his classroom with Jaxon at his side. Zach no longer tries to run out of the door of his classroom. Jaxon listens very well to commands and sits at my feet during the entire therapy session. What a blessing Jaxon has been for Zach and his family.