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You could raise a puppy too!

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Please consider welcoming a service dog in training into your home by taking part in our Puppy Raiser Program as a Volunteer Trainer!

No experience is required, just loving people ready to commit to partnering with 4 Paws to raise a service dog in training. Please go to our website to learn the steps to take to get involved.

Puppy Raiser Opportunities

Traditional Puppy Raiser
Individual or family looking to foster a 4 Paws dog in their home

Weekend Puppy Raiser
Individual or family looking to foster a 4 Paws dog in Advanced Training in their home on weekends or evenings and weekends

University Puppy Raiser
Individual enrolled at a college looking to foster a 4 Paws dog on or off campus

Puppy Sitter
Individual or family looking to short-term assist with puppy raising during the day or overnight for primary puppy raisers

How much does it cost? 4 Paws provides a start up set up supplies (food, kennel, leash, collar, vest, etc) and then you are welcome to pick up additional supplies at the 4 Paws monthly Training Classes. We have a vet staff on site in Xenia, OH as well that you are welcome to use at no cost! Participants are responsible for transporting the dog to and from 4 Paws as necessary.

Is it a lot of work? Yes! But it is also very rewarding. The time and energy you spend teaching: basic obedience, house manners, potty training, foundational service dog skills and socialization truly equip the your 4 Paws dog to become a service dog!

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