Sue Formet: Helios Papillons

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December 2007. I have been working with Karen for about 3 years and I consider her a good friend. I found Karen and 4 Paws when I had a Papillon born with bad front leg. This was one sweet Pap and I was planning on keeping her (of course) when it occurred to me that… Read more »

Danny & Kermit

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May 6, 2010 from Maggie and Kevin. Danny & Kermit are great. One thing we’ve noticed, and I’m not even sure if 4 Paws worked on this. But Danny has a hard time transitioning from the van into the house when we get home from somewhere. Before Kermit, it would take average of 20 minutes to… Read more »

Jonathan & Buddy

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May 18, 2010  From Heather N., Mom to Jonathan and Buddy. Hi Everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to the group, but I wanted to share what a great morning we had today. I took Jonathan to the doctor and Buddy went with us. (We’ve had Buddy a year now). We were going to… Read more »

Riley & Jingle

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May 22, 2010 We were in the October 2009 class, my daughter Riley is paired with Jingle, an autism service dog. Riley is almost ten and has Asperger’s and severe anxiety. Riley ran away yesterday, during a clay sculpture class. She ran screaming down a long narrow hallway that led to several places. I followed with Jingle on… Read more »

Maya & Miami

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July 1, 2010. From Kristen, Mother to Maya and SD Miami. It’s been almost two weeks since the training and I am still bursting with gratitude. The trainers Jeremy, Jennifer, Kayla, Kristie, and Jessalyn were extraordinary. Knowledgeable, supportive, funny, helpful, compassionate, gifted. Karen is inspiring. Suzanne the vet was really helpful. 4 Paws staff members were… Read more »

Anna & Cadi

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August 2010. Anna is now off the heart/lung bypass pump. A note about how well 4 Paws Dogs are trained. When we met Anna’s heart surgeon, Cadi was in a place in a corner of the exam room. She stayed there for the entire examination/discussion of the surgery: 55+ minutes. As things were wrapping up, she… Read more »

Riley & Max

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August 24, 2010. When taking Riley to his middle school to drop off supplies, I took Max and Irish along. Typically, Riley is very nervous taking Max around his school or peers that aren’t necessarily close friends. Max can have embarrassing behaviors for me to handle, much less a 7th grader! He was nervous that… Read more »

Ryan & Monroe

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September 15, 2010 Even Service Dogs need get well cards. Monroe had a virus and had been sick from last Friday through Tuesday. This meant that Ryan had to go to school without Monroe, which worried me, but things went well. On Tuesday afternoon, I opened Ryan’s folder to find a “get well” card that the… Read more »

Luke & Bones

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October 9, 2010. Bones is such an incredible dog – honestly, his personality and training are more than we ever expected or hoped for. We love him to pieces already and he’s fit in SO neatly with our family. Luke has slept in his bed every single night since we took Bones home to the hotel… Read more »

Matthew & Basil

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December 18, 2010  Update by Matthew Powell’s mother. Just wanted to send you some pictures of Matthew and Basil so you can see what Basil has done for Matthew. He is out of his wheelchair now, thanks to you and Basil. Matthew was in a wheelchair when we got Basil. He (Matthew) is hearing impaired,… Read more »