David Drewett

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David is a very active, funny, 4 year old boy with a zest for life.  He loves music, cars, and playing outside.  David is also autistic.  This means every day is a struggle for our sweet boy.  He battles anxiety, sleep problems, noise sensitivity, food sensitivities, social challenges and so much more. New situations and… Read more »

Emma Walker

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Emma has had her faithful dog Bubbles by her side for the last 10 years, where he has kept her safe, calmed her, and made life better every day for Emma and her family. Emma is non-verbal (so she can’t tell anyone her name or where she lives) and she is developmentally a toddler, with NO sense of safety. Words… Read more »

Tyler Briend

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Tyler is our little boy who was born with Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome (half of a heart!). To date he has undergone 3 open heart surgeries, and also lives every day with epilepsy, autism, and mild cerebral palsy.  He is a true warrior and the most positive, joyful person we know. Our family is excited… Read more »

Austin Roosa

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Let me introduce you to Austin! He is a very sweet and extremely intelligent 10 year old boy that has been diagnosed with Autism, severe anxiety, and sensory processing disorder. Due to these conditions, Austin needs a lot of support while navigating this overwhelming world. We are seeking a service dog to help Austin in… Read more »

Some Happy Thoughts

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We’re all doing great thanks to Art and 4 Paws! I enclosed two recent pictures of Art and Tommy in Florida for Tommy’s 11th birthday. Art made the whole trip possible for our family! Big hugs and thanks to you and everyone at 4 Paws!   -Maura Schiller and family Just wanted to post a quick… Read more »

Bekah & Griz

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2008. Do you have a child who might benefit from owning a service dog, yet you are skeptical? Perhaps I can shed some light on this critical issue. My daughter, Bekah just turned eight, and we received her dog from 4 Paws for Ability just before she turned six. While Bekah doesn’t have autism, she is… Read more »

Kendall & Lovey

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Kendall had not slept in her own bed in years and the night we arrived home with Lovey I said, “Time to go to your bed with Lovey.” It was nothing short of a miracle: she just headed off to bed and now two months after being home is still sleeping in her own room. Lovey is… Read more »

Zach & Jaxon

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They are really doing well together. Every day seems to be a little bit better. We also have taken Zach out for ice cream and sat outside on Main Street of the town we live in. It was great; we were able to sit there without worrying about Zach running in the road. Zach seems… Read more »

DJ & Nitro

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Nitro has brought peace into our house. When we first brought Nitro home this summer, the number of meltdowns DJ had seemed to really decrease. If DJ was starting to get out of hand, I would send him to his room with Nitro to cool down. One day I went up to check on him and… Read more »