Bryton & Aspen Charles

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Meet Bryton & Aspen Charles We are the Charles family; there are four of us, my husband Daniel, Bryton, Aspen Jace and myself, Susan Charles. Bryton is our first child; my husband and I are a little older than most couples having their first child. We had prayed for so long to have a child…. Read more »

Conner Gretz

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Meet Conner Gretz! He’s 8 years old, and was diagnosed in 2013 with ODD (oppositional defiant disorder), ADHD, SPD (sensory processing disorder), and a seizure disorder, but began exhibiting signs a year before. Conner has trouble relating to humans, and has no human friends; he says that his best friends are the cat and his toys…. Read more »

Carter Cook

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Let me introduce you to Carter. He is an amazing, creative and loving 10 year old. He loves science, sports and animals. Most people don’t know how he struggles with daily life expectations. He looks like every other kid so people expect him to act like one too. But life is different for him. As… Read more »

Parker Setliff

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Parker is an amazing 11 year old boy . He struggles daily with balance issues. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, two different types of seizure disorders, and is considered intellectually disabled, just to name a few challenges. He struggles with daily routines like putting on his shoes and behavioral outbursts when something doesn’t go as… Read more »

Dayton Daily News: “Service dogs underscore a ‘magic’ bond”

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May 8, 2014— This interview with our founder, Karen Shirk, ran in the “Ideas and Voices” section of the Dayton Daily News, the major newspaper serving the metropolitan region which includes 4 Paws home of Xenia, Ohio. We recently learned of a local service that helps people in an unusual way — by putting service… Read more »

Easton Slutz

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Easton is an incredible 9 year old boy who happens to have Down Syndrome. He has great difficulty processing new situations causing him severe anxiety which leads to his withdrawal from his social environment. As a Navy family, we move every few years forcing Easton to constantly readjust to new environments. It pains us to… Read more »

Grace Green

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The Grace Green Story On August 19, 2000, we received a call from our social worker about a little girl who was born 8 weeks premature. She was born to a mother who was addicted to crystal meth and alcohol and she had multiple medical problems. The social worker could only tell us that they… Read more »

Brock Dayton

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Relief At Last For Brock  SHERRODSVILLE, OH – “When he had his first seizure, it was very scary. We thought he was dying,” said Kim Huff about her son, Brock Dayton. “We had no idea what was happening. He was only eight months old; he was just sitting there, and suddenly, he turned blue and… Read more »

Mia Perez

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Mia Isabella Perez is looking for partner in independence Two years ago, we welcomed our third little yummy bundle, Mia Isabella. To tell you that joy and excitement were part of that day is an understatement.  She was our third child and our last, and we were so happy and excited to welcome her to… Read more »

Eiji Hoffman

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Eiji seeks autism service dog Eiji Vincent Lucien Hoffman is 3 years old. I knew when he was just hours old that there was something wrong, but he wasn’t formally diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder until January, about a month before his 3rd birthday.  He faces many challenges: -Meltdowns – Stimming (he picks his nose until… Read more »