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With 25 years of changes, comes 25 more years of hope.

By July 22, 2015 March 19th, 2017 No Comments

25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

25 Karen & Piper25. With 25 years of changes, comes 25 more years of hope.

Seventeen years ago, Karen and her then service dog Ben, put their dreams of assisting children with disabilities into action. They founded 4 Paws for Ability and began placing service dogs with kiddos.

To do this they had to do a lot of legal research, including developing an intense understanding of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Nothing in the law stated that three person teams were prohibited…this allowed Karen and Ben to assist clients who were often told, “you’re too disabled to help”. The hope 4 Paws clients feel from this uninhibited “YES” answer, is often more than they can describe. On the other end of the spectrum, 4 Paws has been able to assist children who are told, “you aren’t disabled enough”. No disability is weighed as more or less needing of help. They are all equal under the ADA and equal to 4 Paws.

Karen and her now service dog, Piper have grown the program immensely. They have expanded the offerings for children, increased placements to 100+ per year, and added a program for veterans of recent conflicts. With accommodations provided by the ADA, there is no limit to the hope 4 Paws continues to offer.

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