Puppy Raiser Heather & Amelia

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So many factors go into the making of a service dog team. And one of the biggest factors are our puppy raisers! Heather Brinker shares the story of how her daughter, Amelia Brinker, got her service dog!

"We heard about the need for puppy raisers at 4 Paws for Ability when my niece was waiting for her service dog. While we were working with our first foster, we learned that our daughter's pain condition was going to be something that she would have to learn to live with for the rest of her life and we applied for a service dog for her. Being puppy raisers and a client family gave us a whole different perspective of the whole process. We developed a love and respect for the puppy raisers that were willing to go out of their way to make sure the dogs they were raising had as many experiences as possible to be successful and that they were willing to give them back even though it was so hard! We puppy raised 8 dogs before Amelia was placed with her service dog, Twist, and we fell in love with every one of them! Learning how to handle the dogs in training made it easier when she was placed with her own dog. We consider everyone involved with 4 Paws for Ability to be family! Amelia is 19 years old and suffers from several different medical conditions. She got to the point that she wouldn't go anywhere with me because she was afraid of losing her balance and falling, passing out , having an anaphylactic reaction or having an anxiety attack. Now with Twist by her side, she has her independence back. She will go places with her friends and know that Twist will steady her if she gets dizzy or stumbles, he will alert and do deep pressure if she faints, he has her emergency medicine in his saddlebags, and he will do behavior disruption if she has an anxiety attack. We are so thankful to everyone that is involved with 4 Paws for Ability!"

Becoming a puppy raiser gives you the opportunity to make a difference!

Puppy Raiser Trish

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Puppy raiser Trish Przystup speaks on her experience being a volunteer for us!
"I puppy raise because i believe the 4 Paws Magic is something that’s so spectacular— the love that is encompassed in this program is something you don’t let go of once you come across it. Because of 4 Paws I’m able to open my heart to opportunities, people and dogs i never thought possible. And the impact I’m able to have, the lives I’m able to change, just by simply loving a dog is something I’m unable to put into words. Be a puppy raiser, a puppy sitter or if you’re local volunteer on-site — it will be the best decision you ever make!"
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https://4pawsforability.org/puppy-raiser/ https://4pawsforability.org/volunteer-at-4-paws/

Puppy Raiser Sydney

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Anyone can start puppy raising for any number of reasons. Our community is why people continue to raise. Puppy raiser Sydney Owens shares why she started!
“This is me and my first foster, Walker!
I decided to start puppy raising because I had moved away for school and was having a tough time. I’ve always loved dogs, and I wanted something to do, so I signed up for 4 Paws!
It was so much more than I ever expected. I found friends through the program, and made a new best friend too. Walker truly changed my life. He gave me a sense of responsibility, and I truly fell in love with him. From the moment I picked him up, I knew he was destined for great things.
I love 4 Paws because of the love it makes me feel. I love being a part of something greater than myself & putting my whole heart into something that always ends up being something amazing.”
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Puppy Raiser Sarah

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Interested in being a puppy raiser but not sure about the commitment? Start slow! Puppy raiser Sarah Mackenzie started as a sitter in the summer and her passion grew and she has helped change so many lives already!
"I started out as a sitter for Gryffindor (now a SD) during the school year and his foster was looking for a summer sitter for him. I picked up his brother Boggart mid May and fostered him till AT where he was placed. I’m now on foster number 3. I was only going to foster during the summer because I wasn’t sure how I could handle a pup and academics but after fostering that month and half I fell in love with fostering and the program even more. Even if it’s for a month or two fostering these pups impact your life in ways you wouldn’t believe!"
More info on puppy raising is in the link below!

Puppy Raiser Megan

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Why puppy raise? Megan Kerr shares her why!

"I puppy raise because I get to have a temporary best friend who will become someone’s life long best friend. No matter where these pups end up, they change lives. My four fosters have all changed my life in their own unique ways and the experiences I’ve had with 4 Paws are just amazing."

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Puppy Raiser Makayla

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Being a puppy raiser can be a big commitment! But by being a puppy sitter, you get to choose when you want to puppy sit based on your schedule! Puppy sitter Makayla Black shares her experience!

"Being a temporary/summer foster with 4 Paws for ability has given me the opportunity to love on so many of the dogs. Being the temporary foster gives me the ability to work around a hectic college schedule. I’ve gotten to make an impact in so many dogs even if they are only in my home for a few days. It’s always great having a dog for a period of time and then returning them to their main handler, it’s always so exciting to see dog and human so happy! Besides it’s always fun to hear “Well who do we have now?” and getting to brag about a new dog."

You can be a puppy sitter, too!

Puppy Raiser Mary

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Puppy raiser Mary shares why she joined 4 Paws! Being a puppy raiser results in a lifetime of friends and memories!

"I love my 4 Paws family! Being a university puppy raiser has made college feel like home. It has brought me amazing connections to people near and far; I’ve found supportive and caring friends. I love socializing and contributing to these dog’s lives. They’ve brought me so much happiness. Thank you 4 Paws For Ability!"

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Puppy Raiser Emma

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Puppy raiser Emma Logsdon shares her story! Why do you puppy raise?

"I puppy raise for those who need love from a dog more than I ever could. I have been blessed enough to have puppy raised 5 amazing dogs so far: Veela, Aziz, May, Genovese, and now Beatrix! These dogs have each taught me something so incredibly special- unconditional love & dedication. I am so thankful for the lessons that these dogs have taught me & im so excited for future lessons learned! This organization has brought me more than I could’ve ever imagined & I could not be more blessed!"

You can be a puppy raiser now too!

Puppy Raiser Tori

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We love our dedicated puppy raisers! Tori Shisler has been puppy raising for some time now and has made an impact with so many families!

"I got started with 4 Paws in 2011 as a sitter at the University of Kentucky. I became a full time puppy raiser in 2012 raising Merrows (on the left) and since have fostered 16 dogs, with Dixy being my current (on the right). I have loved every second of my time with my dogs and have met some of my best friends through this organization. Not to mention, I am now connected to incredible families all over the country whose families have been impacted by the dogs I’ve raised. Being a puppy raiser is truly one of the best things that has happened to me and something that I’m very grateful to be a part of!"

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