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Puppy Raiser Homes

Puppy raisers are required to complete a Monthly Puppy Raiser Report, Weekly Socialization Report, and attend a monthly obedience class at 4 Paws for Ability. Each month we will verify that each Puppy Raiser has completed a class and their reports, and this must be accomplished for the puppy raiser to be in good standing with 4 Paws for Ability. The information we learn from these three areas greatly help us to support our puppy raisers and best learn about our 4 Paws service dogs in training.

IF YOUR DOG IS HAVING MEDICAL ISSUES: Contact our vet staff at vetappointments@4pawsforability.org or 937-374-0385. If your dog is having an emergency, please refer to your Puppy Raiser Handbook  for emergency contact information or bring your dog directly to 4 Paws.

IF YOUR DOG IS HAVING BEHAVIOR ISSUES: Contact your coordinator for assistance

Candy Donahue – Traditional Puppy Raising Coordinator
937-374-0385 or Puppyraiser@4pawsforability.org

Lynn Agee – University Puppy Raising Coordinator
513-328-9555 or Lynnagee@4pawsforability.org

Erin Bittner – DIrector of Socialization and Genetics
937-672-8849 or Erinbittner@4pawsforability.org

Jennifer Lutes – Associate Director
937-974-7528 or Jennifer@4pawsforability.org


The reports will be reviewed as part of the dogs advanced training assessment and will help the trainers to know about issues you have worked on, your dog’s personality, etc. This information is very important as the trainers are looking to match your dog to clients based on skills to do certain tasks and personality. YOUR REPORTS ARE NOT ASSESSED BEFORE THIS, PLEASE BRING ANY ISSUES YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WITH TO YOUR COORDINATOR VIA EMAIL, PHONE CALL, OR IN PERSON AT YOUR MONTHLY OBEDIENCE CLASS.

Monthly Puppy Raiser Report

This is a monthly review of your foster dog’s experiences, strengths, and health.  This helps the trainers watch your dog progress while they are in your care, and review successes and problems at the end of your fostering experience (IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WHILE PUPPY RAISING – CONTACT YOUR COORDINATOR).  Please submit this report each month for your foster dog.(The links are to the same report, but to minimize impact on the way they are generated, the top link is for traditional puppy raisers and the bottom for university program participants).

Monthly Puppy Raiser Report

Monthly University Puppy Raiser Report

Weekly Socialization Report

The socialization report is a weekly review of your foster dog.  This helps the trainers understand how your foster dog behaves in new and varied public settings.  One socialization report per week is required and you can discuss all outings from the week in that one report  (IF YOU NEED ASSISTANCE WHILE PUPPY RAISING – CONTACT YOUR COORDINATOR). (The links are to the same report, but to minimize impact on the way they are generated, the top link is for traditional puppy raisers and the bottom for university program participants).

Weekly Puppy Raiser Socialization Report 

Weekly University Socialization Report 

Advanced Placement Questionnaire

When your dog is 10 months old, your coordinator will contact you via email with the Advanced Placement Questionnaire. Once completed it will be shared with the trainers and your service dog in training will be eligible to take part in an advanced training evaluation. If the trainers select your dog (typically around 12 months old), you will be notified an average of two weeks ahead of time of the date to bring your dog in for the day to be assessed in the areas of: socialization, tracking, and general behavior. If your dog is chosen to take part in advanced training, you will be contacted by your coordinator and will bring your dog back on the indicated date.


The following reports are due once, just prior to the return of your foster dog.  Thank you for devoting so much time over the last 3-6 months to your foster dog.  These final reports will greatly assist the trainers in understanding your puppy.

Final Foster Dog Evaluation

List of Experiences

4 Paws values and appreciates our puppy raisers.  Many thanks for the important work you are doing puppy raising!  We look forward to seeing you at the monthly obedience classes and the trainers look forward to reading your reports during your dog’s advanced training.  THANK YOU! 


Looking for the staff socialization report submission?  Click here: 4 Paws Staff Report