Looking Forward at 4 Paws

Thanks to the students at Northern Kentucky University and Charitable Words who created this video for 4 Paws.  As we look forward to 2016, our 1,000 dog placement, and the official opening of our new building, it sure helps explain why we’re so excited!


Toyota Cars for Good

In 2014, 4 Paws for Ability was the recipient of one of Toyota’s 100 cars for good.  Check out the video here! 


Autism with Dr. Andy – HealthyLife.net

Our Development Director, Kelly Camm, appeared on the 3/20/2014 podcast to discuss ability dogs. Listen here: http://www.healthylife.net/RadioShow/archiveADA.htm


Giving Library.org

Turning Point Documentary | 4 Paws for Ability (link)



4 Paws for Ability

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College students take over 4 Paws

DC Breaking Local News Weather Sports FOX 5 WTTG

Local 12, WKRC-TV | New Friend, New Life


The New York Times | Wonder Dog: A Golden Retriever reaches raging boy

 WDTN-TV | Pirate the Papillon ready for service


 WCPO-TV | Autistic boy finally gets dog after scam


4 Paws for Ability on Youtube


Service dogs improve lives of autistic children: CBS

CBS Atlanta covers Winokur FASD service dog, Chancer April 25, 2012

Coverage of Fox 25 Morning News 30 March 2012, Boston called “Canine miracles,” featuring Deanna and Alex LeBlanc and Honor.

Early warnings from a best friend

Service dog may help girl battling seizures

December 15, 2010 DELTONA, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35) – A five-year-old girl needs help from man’s best friend. Taylor Merriam, a kindergartner from Deltona, has epilepsy and can black-out from a seizure at any moment. “Right now, we are struggling because Taylor is having almost daily seizures. They’ve never been this bad,” said her mom Theresa. But a service dog may be able to help detect when a seizure is coming on. “The dog is going to be our lifeline.”

Grizwald Helps Bekah Stay Calm

December 16, 2010. ARLINGTON, Va. – Bekah Hemenway was adopted from an orphanage in China. When her new parents, David and Nancy, brought her home in 2001, she was 16 months old, but only weighed just a little more than many newborns….Experts believe she was abused in the most brutal ways. For years, she had flashbacks, screaming for hours at a time.

Disabled Teen Asks for Service Dog, Dec. 22, 2009

CNN Interviews Morasha Winokur on her book, My Invisible World

October 12, 2009 Family Hopes For Four-Legged Help For Son Jacob Clark Born Blind, Autistic, Epileptic. Six-year-old Jacob Clark was born with a rare condition that left him blind, autistic and epileptic. As a result, his seizures are so bad he often ends up in the hospital for weeks at a time when he has one.

Raising Money for Service Dogs

January 29, 2009 Noah Henderson and his mother, along with Memaw, traveled to Greenville to Michelin on Main and join Jack Roper and Kimberly Kelly on the Your Carolina show! His mother got to tell about Noah and 4 Paws for Ability and about Noah’s upcoming fundraiser too!

Aiden Brophy’s family seeks service dog

Alex’s Journey. The story of Alex Harpole, an adorable child who has Dravet Syndrome.

Service Dogs for New Zealand Children Temporarily blocked in LAX

August 2008  Life and learning will never be the same for Sloan Ewens, 6, and Sara Pairaudeau, 9, thanks to their new Autism Assistance dogs Woogie and Maddy. Waikato Times chief photographer Peter Drury followed the Hamilton children from the moment they received the dogs from the 4 Paws For Ability centre in Ohio, America.

August 9, 2008   Channel 3 News, New Zealand, Article and Video about Airline drama for dearly beloved dogs Dogs that help people with autism have arrived in New Zealand for the first time but not without an unexpected drama with their flight. The dogs were blocked from boarding a Qantas flight in Los Angeles – a mixup that will cost their owners more than $34,000.

Autism Assistance Dogs

Mobility Assistance Dogs

Training Assistance Dogs

Ben, the Miracle Dog