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Celebrate Howl-o-Ween at 4 Paws for Ability!

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BOO! We’re going all out here at 4 Paws for Ability for our annual Howl-o-Ween Celebration 2012. So pull out your scariest get-up for you and your pooch and come out for an evening of tricking, treating and eating bushels of kibble and grub.  Since our October class will be here learning with their service… Read more »

Vote ‘4 Paws’ in Chase Community Giving’s $2.5M Giveaway

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XENIA, Ohio — 4 Paws for Ability has the chance to share $2.5 million with other charities through the Chase Community Giving contest. But we need your votes to receive up to $250,000! Hurry! Voting ends Sept. 19. Chase customers with a Facebook page can vote for their favorite charity. Chase customers with a… Read more »

Make AJ’s Wish for a Service Dog Come True

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My child’s full name is Alexijanae Kanani Oliveira-Golden. She just turned 10. She had medical issues at birth. She is suffering from a rare disorder called Schizencephaly. And Texas Children’s Hospital diagnosed her with Dyskinetic quadropalegic cerebral palsy in 2008. She has clefts in the hemisphere surface. It’s a disorder that takes place in normal… Read more »

Breeding Dogs Need Homes

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4 Paws for Ability is seeking loving and responsible homes for our breeding dogs, who produce the puppies who will become future service dogs for children and veterans with disabilities. Labrador Retrievers: Sophia, Tandy, Syndey, Juno, Delilah, CJ; Collies: Quinn; and Golden Retrievers: Celine, Moxie, Rinnah, Caepor and Gil need a home.  4 Paws pays… Read more »

August 2012 | A Class Full of Superheroes!

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XENIA, Ohio – A classroom full of superheroes took over 4 Paws over the last 11 days—both dogs and children donned capes and “Super” emblems on their chests. While each child’s Kryptonite varies, the pair of child and canine grew into a team. And together, as 4 Paws graduates, they are ready to fight seizures,… Read more »

Wonder Boy Gets Super Dog

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Dazzler gives family gift of ‘experiencing a normal life’ XENIA, Ohio – Ethan Innis cannot say many words, but one word that slides off his tongue easily is, “Dazzler.” And his parents Heather and Richard can now say that they feel like their son is “safe.” While he cannot speak volumes, he does like to write… words,… Read more »

STAR Volunteer – Ruth White

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XENIA, Ohio – Ruth White walks into 4 Paws, hands full. She is carrying a bucket of colorful blocks, a handful of coloring books and boxes full of small, metal toy cars. She makes her way into the play area, where she places them on the table and into the cubbies where they match other… Read more »

‘Truly a Wonder Dog’

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“Our hero, Max absolutely INSISTED on being in bed with Will during hiss EEG yesterday. So thankful again to those of you that made this possible… especially to 4 Paws! Without Max alerting we would not have known to bring Will in for this possibly life-saving test. He is truly a Wonder Dog.” -Meredith Moore… Read more »

Evan makes best friend for life

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Boy-turned author gets long-awaited service dog XENIA, Ohio – Evan Moss, a bubbly, very interactive 8-year-old plays with his electronic game. Legs stretched out behind him as he lay on his stomach, atop a quilted blanket. Next to him, legs stretched out, lying on her belly too is Mindy. Paws up, she is chewing on… Read more »

4 Paws named Midwest CHARITY OF THE YEAR!

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XENIA, Ohio — 4 Paws for Ability has been named the Midwest region’s Charity of the Year, by the 4th Annual Classy Awards, hosted by StayClassy.     “It was awesome just to be nominated but to win the regionals, that is just amazing! As the founder of 4 Paws I am humbled,” said Karen Shirk,… Read more »