‘Twas a paw before Christmas…

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‘Twas a paw before Christmas, when all through the facility, 
not a dog was stirring, not even Dudley or Kizzy.
In 4 Paws for Ability, the crates were closed with care, 
in hopes that their children would soon be there.
Meanwhile in their homes, the children were snuggled into bed, 
while visions of furry service dogs scurried in their heads.
With Karen at her desk and Piper in her vest,
they began sending out letters to 4 Paws’ boys and girls, quite frankly, they’re the best.
One by one, the children received their long-awaited email and to their delight,
a brand new tail-wagging friend was in their sight.
It was time to come to Xenia and meet their match,
their new friends who like to romp and run and play catch.

They’ll play and lick and eat,
but first things first, they want their treat.
The day had arrived just as it may, 
and Karen whistled, and shouted, and called them all by name!
“Now Asha! now, Joey! now, Victory and Boss!
On, Sprint! On, Joska! on, Chantay and Jubliee!

To the training room floor!
Meet your boy!
Meet your girl!
With a lick to the face,
One thing’s for sure… 
through thick and thin, these pairs will surely endure. 
Ordinary dogs these are certainly not,
They are magical and wondrous and accomplished on every spot.
They can track and nuzzle and open doors,
and that’s because these dogs are trained by Jeremy and Jessa and Jennifer.
Smiles on faces cannot be ignored,
these dogs are perfect for each child that is for sure.
Whatever they want, whatever they need
their new best friend will lend a paw indeed.
So with their new dogs on leash,
parents are so touched they cannot speak.
It’s a Christmas season like no other,
they shed a tear and then another.
A gift of this dog provides more than a friend,
but rather a bond that will forever transcend. 
Cute puppies are born day and night, 
but only a select few can be as grand as a service dog, yep, that’s right.
Try as you may and try as you might, we want to wish,
“Happy Howl-idays to all, and to all a goodnight!”
-By Jessica Noll-Korczyk