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The world is more aware and prepared.

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25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

Chris and Mercy9.  The world is more aware and prepared.

The ADA has truly facilitated national discussion on a previously quiet topic.  The accommodations and protections haven’t just increased awareness; they have helped redefine how society views disabilities.  The World Health Organization defines disability as a contextual variable, dynamic over time, and in relation to circumstance.  Which means people can be more or less disabled based on the context of the environment around them.

Chris has excelled in an environment where he is viewed as a person first.  With the ADA’s protection his service dog, Mercy, goes wherever she is needed.  She’s even accompanied him to see the White House and visit the Smithsonian in Washington, DC. Mercy helps him tremendously as new places, medical procedures, large groups, or noisy places can cause lots of sensory overload.

“Mercy helps him feel calm and has opened up his world. Also, because of the ADA more accommodations are available and an awareness for their need for has increased”.

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