Puppy Raiser Ricky

By | Volunteer

We love hearing how our puppy raisers got started! Ricky Hesse shares his story!

“I got into puppy raising by complete chance when I ran into a friend at a dining hall on campus. She was a sitter already and a couple other puppy raisers joined us and I asked all of them so many questions about 4 Paws. After I met Blanket (La La Loopsy litter) I immediately started filling out the application! I started as a sitter but quickly became a primary when the dog I co-handled for, Bayleef (Gen 2 Pokémon litter), needed a new foster. 4 Paws has given me so many opportunities to meet some incredible people. One of the most unique things I’ve experienced is being able to connect with people from other colleges, some of whom I talk to almost everyday. Through these dogs everyone becomes part of a family that continually grows and I can’t imagine my life without it!”

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International Work Dog Breeding Conference

By | From the Staff

4 Paws For Ability: The foundation of our success in placing quality service dogs is our breeding program. 4 Paws is participating in the International Working Dog Breeders Conference with working dog breeders and trainers from around the globe. Our goal is to continually improve our breeding program so that we are producing the best dogs possible!

You Get It

By | Puppy House Dreams

4 Paws For Ability: “The past 2 weeks has been one of the most moving experiences in my life. Being in a room with 19 people that just completely GET your situation and understand what it’s like, has made me more empathetic and not feel like you’re the only person.”
– 4paws Family 😢❤️🐕
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Puppy Raiser Courtney

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Our puppy rasiers go way back! And some of them come from our staff! Puppy raiser Courtney Preston started as a 4 Paws staff member and is now a puppy raiser!

“I used to work at 4 Paws as kennel staff and when I left 4 Paws I knew that I wanted to stay involved somehow so I started fostering. My first foster was Sweetheart from the Valentine Litter and I currently have Julio from the Tequila Day Litter. I love fostering and each of them will leave a special mark on my heart. They have made me a better person and I’m forever thankful for what 4 Paws does!”

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The Good Dog

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4 Paws For Ability: The Good Dog is an allegory about how to love, accept, and show compassion to others through the eyes of a girl’s love for her dog.
Author Walker Jean Mills provides 10% of all profits to 4 Paws for Ability!
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