Puppy Raiser Lauryn

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Puppy raising is rewarding. There's no question about it. Lauryn Powers shares why she loves raising!

"I love puppy raising! It's such a rewarding experience that has changed my college life completely. It's amazing to get to be apart of these dog's lives and getting to train them to become the best versions of themselves to help out people in need! I get free cuddles and puppy kisses anytime I want them too! 
I couldn't see my life without being a 4paws puppy raiser. It's like having multiple best friends at all times ❤️"

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Alaska Grad August 2019

By | Class Graduates

Dear Sebastian,

Hi!! This is a very happy day for me. It’s the best day ever because my trainer Peg told me that you are my boy!!

Guess what. I am a boy too! That makes us best brothers! I’ll tell you a little about myself…my name is Guinness. I was born in Ohio at 4 Paws and lived in the puppy house there. While I was still a baby dog Peg brought me on a big airplane to Alaska so I could get ready for you!

My litter name is Cinco de Marcho and my birthday is
March 5, 2018. I look like a golden retriever but I’m also half lab, cool huh? I hear Peg tell me all the time that I’m cute. But you know what else I am? I’m yours!

What do you like to do for fun? I hope you like to throw tennis balls. If you do then I’ll bring it back every time, if you promise to throw it again! I like to chew Nylabones and just hang out too. But mostly I’m here to help you out and I just can’t wait!

Peg says I’ll see you very soon. Until then, High Five!! I hope you know how to high five cuz I do!

Love and a high five,

Cat & Desi

By | Hearing Assistance

4 Paws For Ability: Sometimes the quietist person in the room speaks the loudest! 🗣 We thank her for the courage and charisma she displayed as she both uplifted and inspired us! We only hope to keep helping people and developing great friendships along the way!
Sincerely, 4paws Fam. 🐕🐩🐶🏠
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Puppy Raiser Carah

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What does being a puppy raiser mean to you? Carah Porter shares why she loves being a puppy raiser!

"I became a puppy raiser my first year of college and it was the best decision I made for myself. Through 4 paws I’ve gotten many opportunities to speak to the community about service dogs and it has really helped me grow as a person. Fostering these pups is more than just always having a cute dog with you. It’s about growing and learning along with them. It’s about the crazy dog loving friends you will make. Lastly, it’s about being able to be a small part of the team that can change a family’s life forever."

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