Events & Fundraisers

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We have 6 tickets to the Sunday, Dec. 1 Bengals vs. Jets game to raffle off. The game time is 1 PM at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincy.

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Each virtual raffle ticket is $5. 2 tickets will be given to 1 raffle winner on each raffle date: September 13, October 13, and November 13. Tickets can be picked up at 4 Paws or mailed to you. Raffle tickets do not roll over, each raffle is a new raffle! Purchase tickets now – September 12 for the first chance, September 14-October 12 for the second chance, and October 14-November 12 to get in on the third chance!

Make your donations in increments of $5 at:

Tickets were donated by the Bengals; all money raised will go to the 4 Paws Veterans Program.

The Dog Dispatch

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4 Paws For Ability: 4 Paws for Ability is discontinuing our 4PawPrints newsletter. Keeping up with the time, we are trying to maximize our forms of communication to best suit our audience and make good use of our time.
Want to stay up to date with 4 Paws? Stay tuned right here, check out our Twitter or Instagram, or visit our new blog, The Dog Dispatch on our website.
Same great content, fun new delivery, less time for staff to compile…that sounds like a win, win, win to us!

Puppy Raiser Colleen

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Not only does puppy raising come with the opportunity to work with some awesome pups, it also provides you with a community of people who share the same passion! Puppy raiser Colleen Burns shares her experience

"I started volunteering with 4 Paws when I first started college and now I can’t imagine a college experience without 4 Paws For Ability! You become a part of an amazing community that provides endless support and I have made some of my closest friends from this organization on my campus. It also has given me a whole new perspective and admiration to service dog teams everywhere and makes me feel so grateful that I can be a part of an amazing dog’s journey to change someone’s life one day."

Join our puppy raising community!

Make A Difference

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4 Paws For Ability: When you see and feel the world differently than most: loud noises make you feel uneasy, make you run and cry. Large groups of people, even your own family, are sometimes more than you can handle…
I think we can all agree that this is fun for no one!
Let’s make a difference. 🐕🏠
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Puppy Raiser Lauren

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Puppy raising is quite the journey! Although it may be hard to say goodbye, all of these pups have such a higher purpose in life! Lauren Lienhart shares her story!

"I first got into the program as a puppy sitter at Miami University. I have a family member that could benefit from a service dog and after learning more about 4 Paws for Ability, I immediately applied on their website. Because I had such an amazing experience as a sitter, seeing the different dogs grow and learn, I wanted to take on a bigger role as a foster.

In August 2018, my cofoster and I picked up Bambi from the Cartoon Litter. Ever since then, she has been a light in my life. Teaching her new commands and socializing her to new experiences wasn’t always easy but through 4 Paws, I have a community of people who have the same goal in mind- help these amazing dogs on their journey.

Pretty soon I know I’ll be saying goodbye to my goofy girl, but it has been so worth it, knowing the impact she will have on someone’s life. Being a part of her journey is something I will always cherish and I can’t wait to see what awaits her in the future!"

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Our Friends at ROAD iD

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4 Paws For Ability: We love our friends at ROAD iD and we really love this video! Thank you ROAD iD, for everything you do for our community.
Friends, be sure to check out their IDs! Good for athletes, medical identification, and we especially love their pet tags!!