Special note from a special lady

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Photo by Jessica Noll-Korczyk

Thank you, Karen, for letting Bill and I adopt Ester (aka Carly). I would like to thank the trainers, the prisoner trainers, dog care workers, socializers and all who had a hand in Carly’s training and care. She is an exceptional dog. I know that sometimes it may seem a failure or waste of time for a dog that doesn’t make the cut for a service dog.  But I believe that Carly and all of the other dogs that get adopted at 4 Paws are a true success. Since I volunteer at 4 Paws, I have had the pleasure of socializing some of the dogs that didn’t make it. She is a great dog and I’m sure the other dogs adopted have made many families happy.

Carly saved us in a lot of ways.  My mother passed away and two months later my husband had a heart attack and almost died. We had to change our plans to move to Tennessee last summer and we were trying to recuperate and find our way through a very hard, difficult year. My husband’s health was continuing to improve. And then came Carly.  

As you know, Carly was timid and that contributed to why she didn’t make the service dog cut.  She was very timid of environmental things, noises, etc.  One of the reasons I chose her was because I thought she needed a lot of patience, a semi quiet household, and a family that had time to work with her. We were ready for a challenge. It actually took a couple of weeks for her true personality to emerge. She has so much personality. She’s a funny, sweet dog. She makes us laugh, give us unconditional love, and is a great companion to our other golden, Maggie.

 I am currently taking her to obedience class and she is the star of the class. She is so easy to train and that is because of the training she had in prison and at 4 Paws. We are spending a lot of time training and socializing to make her a happy well-adjusted dog.  She has won the hearts of many of our friends and we couldn’t be happier with her. She will be our companion for life. In many ways, she has rescued us. 

If it is possible, I would like someone to express my thanks and appreciation to her trainers and her trainers in prison and let them know that she is doing great and has found her forever home. 

Thanks again to all of 4 Paws. I believe every dog is a success at 4 Paws. I’m also happy to be a volunteer at be a very small part of 4 Paws.  

Thanks again,

Ellen Furlong

4 Paws volunteer