Some Happy Thoughts

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We’re all doing great thanks to Art and 4 Paws! I enclosed two recent pictures of Art and Tommy in Florida for Tommy’s 11th birthday. Art made the whole trip possible for our family! Big hugs and thanks to you and everyone at 4 Paws!   -Maura Schiller and family

get-attachment.aspxJust wanted to post a quick update for all those students and foster families to whom so many of us are grateful. We have had our miracle for a full year now, and she was one of the best decisions we ever made for our daughter – since having our SD, our daughter has shown more interest in almost everything, is more social, has actually taken steps, and for the first time in her life, and we can tell when she is in pain instead of just having a behavioral issue. One of the most amazing things is that she used to need three separate medications to sleep each night, and now no longer needs any of them. She has also stoped one of the more severe behavioral meds. Your hard work and dedication has changed hers & so many other lives & none of us can thank you enough! (Also for families still waiting for their miracles…SO worth it!)

I just wanted to say that we have had our service dog Juke for awhile now, and he is a big part of our family. Our lives have improved so much in many ways. I cannot thank you guys enough …Donna Sauraq Erickson, Unalakleet, Alaska.


Our family is absolutely overcome by how much Halo has changed our lives. How much do I love this dog? Let me count the ways! Fundraisers, keep going. It’s beyond worth it. Karen and Jeremy, there are not enough words on the planet to thank you for this . . . Peg Bernert, Anchorage, Alaska.


I am so amazed with Grover! When Jason is outside Grover prevents him from going towards the street. In the library Jason is happy just to be with Grover. Marlene doesn’t need to chase after Jason or deal with his loud outbursts! Jason seems much calmer and secure with Grover around. I know that Grover was placed in their home for Jason, but he has brought such peace and happiness to the whole family. Thank you for this wonderful service you provide . . . Peggy Serena.


Logan was in for a simple procedure (new ear tubes) and fighting the medicine tooth and nail until we got Akira up on the bed with him. He just hugged her and melted into her….it was the best. We also learned the hard way 2 weeks ago that Logan really does need to be with her in these situations. We had to take Logan to the ER for an X-ray and did not bring Akira. I won’t go into details, but that was a HUGE mistake. As I always tell people, having Akira does not make life easier, but it certainly makes it better . . . Melissa Davenport.

Tonight we went to Corey’s baseball game, our entire family and Bo. That has never been possible before. Cody would never stay with us and it was so frustrating that if my mom couldn’t watch Cody I wouldn’t go to Corey’s games (which I hated). But tonight I spread out a blanket and Cody and Bo lay down on it and it was perfect. They were so cute and Cody didn’t even get up or try to run off, I think because he knew he couldn’t go anywhere, but it was awesome. I was kicking myself because I didn’t have a camera. I hope this is just the beginning because Bo really gave me a glimpse into some freedom for our family tonight!


Fear for our child sometimes overwhelmed me. I felt as though my life was spiraling out of control. Our picture is very different today. We still have our moments but that is what they are, moments. Cocoa goes everywhere Lawson goes, school. church, restaurants and shopping. 4 Paws and Cocoa have peeled a layer of onion for us. You have introduced us to a child we did not know existed. Words will never be able to thank you enough, and as far as our sweet Cocoa goes the day she retires she is getting the biggest T-bone steak ever.


My grandson Cory Bush received his service dog in your last graduating class, November 2007. I must say it has been a blessing for all of us, Kodiak has became another member of our family with great ease loves everyone. He is very special, Cory has adapted to him well. The freedom that Kodiak has given to our family and Cory to walk in the mall, stores or anywhere that is needed has been wonderful. We have gone to dinner(s), a show for children, etc. Everything went very smoothly. Kodiak always is pleasant and loving very well behaved. I give a big “thumps up” to all that trained him and giving us the opportunity to receive a wonderful blessing at this time of the year. My prayers go out to all the families that are trying to get the funds for their dog; may they be blessed this year with the fortune that we have. Thank you again for everything . . . Deborah J. Smith