ReelAbilities Film Festival

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In early February, 4 Paws was asked to take part in the ReelAbilities Film Festival. ReelAbilities, which is the largest film festival in the country to showcase the artistic talents and life stories of people with disabilities, began in New York in 2007. But in 2011, Cincinnati became the first place to broaden the festival’s influence by making it a multi-city event.

For its second year running, ReelAbilities plans to increase its reach with a fervor that emphasizes the shared human experience. The festival brings community members together to view award-winning films by and about people with disabilities, all while creating a dialogue and providing a platform for storytelling and educational panels that promote understanding and inclusion.

Karen and Piper were invited to the premiere event on March 9, at the Freedom Center in Cincinnati as VIPs, along with Matthew Cook, Service Dog, Potter, and mom, Mary (September 2008 class). Jeremy also attended the premiere event.

Then, on March 14, Kelly Camm, Carol Burke and Service Dog, Pumpkin (December 2010 class) and the Cook family attended the free screening called, “Praying with Lior,” about a child with Down Syndrome held at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital. The Cooks were also part of the panel after the film, and Matthew proudly introduced and spoke of Potter.

Special thanks to the Cook and Burke families for representing 4 Paws so well.