Traditional Puppy Raiser

Puppy Raiser Showcase: The Brinkers

By April 12, 2018 No Comments

My name is Heather Brinker. My family found out about 4 Paws for Ability in 2016 when my niece was getting a service dog. They told us about the need for puppy raisers, so we applied and took home our first foster on my niece’s graduation day! Shortly after that the doctor told us that our daughter’s pain condition was not going to go away and she recommended we get a service dog to help her. We applied and are waiting for her to get her multipurpose assistance dog to help with mobility, medical alert, and behavior disruption. We are currently fostering our sixth service dog in training and have learned so much about the whole process. We have such an appreciation for everyone involved with 4 Paws and can’t wait for our daughter to meet her own amazing dog! (Pictured is Nasreen who was placed with her girl in November)