Traditional Puppy Raiser

Puppy Raiser Showcase: Stacey

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My name is Stacey Tatter and I’ve been a Traditional Foster since Jan 19th, 2017. I wouldn’t change that decision in a million years. My first foster was Rhapsody, a full golden and I had her through August that year when she went into Advanced Training. They say the best way to get over Give Back Day (the day you drop off your foster for advanced training) is to bring home a new puppy the same day. I whole heartedly agree with that theory and brought home Plumette (newfie/lab/golden). From August to October, I drove up to Xenia each weekend to be Rhapsody’s weekend foster. In October, Rhapsody was released from the program due to a propensity to bark in public…behavior not befitting a service dog so we adopted our Fabulous Flunkie as a permanent member of our family. At 10 months old, Plumette is still working hard everyday on her journey to becoming matched with a kiddo and will have her first evaluation soon.
The girls have gone everywhere with me, from running daily errands, to special events, hospital visits, and even to work with me in downtown Cincinnati, taking the bus, learning about traffic, and all sorts of noises and sounds. Watching these girls as they learn every day about the big world is a joy.

The thing I love most about being a puppy raiser is meeting the people who come up to talk to us. During daily outings, we have met: people who know nothing about the program and we get to share the mission, people who have started the process to receive a service dog for their child, people who have already have a 4 Paws service dog for their child, people who have adopted a Flunkie, people who know someone who also fosters, a chance meeting with one of the current Board Members on Fountain Square, and my favorite people, two released inmates who trained dogs during their time in prison. Each one of these people have been touched by 4 Paws in some way and have shown me from start to finish, prison raising to placed dogs, just how many lives this organization has changed for the better.