Puppy Raiser Sarah

By August 18, 2019 No Comments
Interested in being a puppy raiser but not sure about the commitment? Start slow! Puppy raiser Sarah Mackenzie started as a sitter in the summer and her passion grew and she has helped change so many lives already!
"I started out as a sitter for Gryffindor (now a SD) during the school year and his foster was looking for a summer sitter for him. I picked up his brother Boggart mid May and fostered him till AT where he was placed. I’m now on foster number 3. I was only going to foster during the summer because I wasn’t sure how I could handle a pup and academics but after fostering that month and half I fell in love with fostering and the program even more. Even if it’s for a month or two fostering these pups impact your life in ways you wouldn’t believe!"
More info on puppy raising is in the link below!