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Puppy Raiser – Rachel Mathys

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16640869_1320154654695099_259947397544426847_nMeet a Puppy Raiser

Name:  Rachel Mathys
School:  University of Kentucky 
Major:  Psychology Major 
Dogs fostered: Lamborghini

Although Lambo is my first foster, I have been involved with the program for a few years now and I cannot even explain how much it has changed my life. I have spent 8 years working with children with disabilities and plan to continue that work as a therapeutic recreation specialist. 4 Paws brought my passion for helping people with disabilities and love for animals together. Lambo has taught me so many things already in the time I have had him and has shown his AMAZING potential as a service dog in training. His little successes are my major triumphs. Each new skill he learns and every silly fear he overcomes brings him one step closer to him changing the life of a child, just has he has changed mine. Instead of the “see you later” being completely heart wrenching and sad like most outside people think it is, I know it will only be bittersweet because he will make such a difference in someone’s life. He will go do good and I will be one proud 4 Paws foster.