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Puppy Raiser – Linda Moodie

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16508197_10155722850464186_6948281253761645878_nMeet a Puppy Raiser

Name: Linda Moodie
School: University of Dayton
Major: Industrial Engineering Technology 
Dogs: Figaro for a semester at UD and Fantastic for about a month after graduation as a traditional foster

Fostering through 4 Paws has been life-changing. It taught me about all the people that build the team and the hard work it takes to get a dog ready to be a service dog. This had always been something I was curious about due to my dogs, but it was so different than I could have ever imagine, in a good way! It also gave me the ability to have and take care of a dog, which was something I never got to do growing up. It taught me the responsibilities of having a dog, along with all the extra responsibility that comes with fostering a service dog. As an engineering student, I had to really budget my time even more than normal to make sure I was taking care of myself along with my foster dog. The 4 Paws program is like a family and it has been so fun getting to know the other people involved in the program. I think that my favorite thing so far has been socializing in public because not only do we get to give our dog new experiences, but we also get to share our story with people we meet and educate them on the process. Fostering with 4 paws has been much more than just volunteering to me and I hope to continue doing this for many years to come!