16602876_4582189510347_1405691429164421900_nMeet a Puppy Raiser

Name:  Gabrielle Bowers
School:  University of Kentucky// Traditional Foster
Degree:  BA in Learning & Behavior Disorders in Dec 2014, Masters in Behavioral Psychology from Ball State in May 2016.
Dogs fostered:  I fostered 5 dogs through the UK program & 2 through the traditional fostering program, bringing my total to 7 dogs.

The university program helped me to find a path and a purpose at a large university. It helped me to make friendships that I still have today. It connected me with special needs families near & far and enabled me to be an even bigger crazy dog lady. I gave up 7 chunks of my heart, but when I get to see the impact that they each have had on their person’s life, it makes it all worth it to me. 

Pictured: top to bottom, left to right:
Nonie, Bunny, Bilbo,
Monroe (non-4 Paws forever dog), Zuri, Poseidon
Nome, Dodie