16603080_10211842896728471_4521127315591357440_nMeet a Puppy Raiser

Name:  Bennett Baber
School:  University of Kentucky
Degree:  BA in Health Communication, May 2015
Dogs fostered:  I fostered 6 dogs through the university program and 3 dogs as a traditional foster for a grand total of 9!

The university program benefited me in more ways than I can count. Not only did it help me find my niche at a huge school, but it also allowed me to make an impact that I never thought I would be able to. To see my dogs go from potty training, playdates, and snoring through classes to behavior disruptions, medical alert, and changing lives is so rewarding. Although they all took a piece of my heart and I miss them dearly, hearing from the families they went to, whether they became a service dog or a pet, about how much they care for them and the influence they’ve had makes it all worth it. I would definitely go back and do it all over again. I can’t imagine my time at UK without my sweet sidekicks.