New Pics in the Dogs in Training 2019 Album

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4 Paws Dogs: Dogs in the 4 Paws program at any stage!
Dogs after 12 weeks of age all the way through placement or adoption and moms and dads too! The album is not a comprehensive list of pups in the program, but a glimpse at different pups at different stages in the process!
Most dog photos are taken by paw-some volunteers of 4 Paws for Ability! Please remember to thank them for the pictures they take and share as often as possible! We are grateful for their help and these cute pictures!

Columbus Fire Department

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4 Paws & the Columbus Fire Department do it again!

Lanix is joining our very own Skeeter in the line of Arson detection work! Skeeter joined CFD earlier this year, so Lanix has 4 awesome paws to follow in. He will be living his best life doing a job he loves!

While our primary mission is to place service dogs with children, we care deeply about the success of each pup – they tell us the jobs that would make them happy, the things they love to do, and by making sure they get the opportunity to do those, we make sure every dog is successful on their journey.

We are so excited for Lanix and CFD, may you have many happy working years together!