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Public transportation is accessible to me.

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25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

16 Danielle and Bobo16. Public transportation is accessible to me.

The ADA requires that public transportation is accessible.  This includes wheelchair lifts on buses, elevators to subway station stops, and accessible seating within transportation sources.  Even school buses must be made accessible!

This is Dani and her service dog Bobo.  For 37 years the Ohio Department of Education has provided school bus drivers with advanced training, each summer.  In 2013 Dani and Bobo became the first service dog team to participate in this training, assisting the school bus drivers with hands-on drills of fire evacuations.  Since Dani and Bobo use the bus to get to school, this helps keep them safe, but also helps keep children with disabilities and their service dogs across the state of Ohio safe.  They have participated in training more than 1200 Ohio school bus drivers over 3 summers.  Dani also received the first ever “Danielle Kneisly Award” given out by the Ohio Department of Education, which will be given out to people who advance the care of students during transport to and from school.

“Danielle doesn’t have a dis-ability.  She has a different ability.  We will forever be grateful for the door Bob Harmon and the Transportation Department opened for Dani.  In her life there are a lot of things she won’t get to participate in…being able to participate in the advanced driver program has opened a door for her to change lives that even a typical young person may never have the opportunity to do.”

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