Parker Setliff

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Parker Setliff Parker is an amazing 11 year old boy . He struggles daily with balance issues. He has Asperger’s Syndrome, ADHD, two different types of seizure disorders, and is considered intellectually disabled, just to name a few challenges. He struggles with daily routines like putting on his shoes and behavioral outbursts when something doesn’t go as planned. He isolates himself from people at times and tends to wander off. We are really quite excited about receiving a service dog for Parker, and so is he, which is amazing. It will help in so many ways, from managing his behavior to simply keeping him from falling adn certainly tracking him down when he decides to go on his “adventures,” as Parker calls his wandering spells. Parker struggles with memory, sensory issues, loud noises, and sunlight, which gives him headaches worse than any migraine. He’s excited about the possibility of receiving a dog that will make him more “responsible,” as he says. We as his parents feel that knowing he’s not alone would give Parker a better quality of life and help him gain some of the independence that he so desperately wants.
               Sabina , Charles, and Parker Setliff