Multipurpose Assistance Dog

Tailoring the Service Dog to Meet the Needs Unique to Each Child

Multipurpose Assistance Dog - Peyton Shamrock Graduation

Many of the families who come to 4 Paws do so asking if we can help their child who may have a disability not addressed by any of the service dog agencies they have located.

While some children, for example children who have only the diagnosis of Autism, fit clearly into a specific type of service dog, (The Autism Assistance Dog), many of our families have children with multiple issues, or diagnoses that do not seem to be addressed directly in the typical service dog categories, for example Down’s Syndrome, Fragile X, Apraxia, ADHD, a variety of mental health diagnosis, life threatening medical illnesses such as cancer, and medically frail children…to name a very few.

Born prematurely, young Connor was vent dependent and had multiple disabilities. But, as you can see, a smile was just a dog away! (We lost our precious Connor the summer of 2007.)

Our children may have both Autism and a seizure disorder, or seizures and mobility issues. They may be children born with birth defects and require repeated surgeries and/or hospital stays.

We have been helping a growing number of children with disabilities related to premature birth. Here at 4 Paws we welcome families who may not fit the typical service dog concept and specialize in cutting edge placements and creative solutions for unconventional placements.

Do you think your child would benefit from a dog trained specifically to meet his or her needs but you have not found an agency which seems to train what you need? You have come to the right place!

At 4 Paws we understand and cater to the unique needs of each child.

Contact us directly to discuss the ways in which you think a dog can help your child.

Tell us about your child and we will help develop a training program specifically tailored to meet your child’s needs. Your child is important to us!

Service Dogs For Families With More Than One Child Who Has A Disability

At 4 Paws we have worked with many families who have more than one child in the family who might benefit from a dog. While in some situations, we place more than one dog over time, many families can benefit from one dog dually trained to mitigate the disability of more than one child within the home.

For example, we have placed dogs with families which have more than one child on the Autism Spectrum or families with one child who has mobility issues and another with a Seizure disorder.

If you need a dog specially trained to help more than one member of your family we are willing to work with you. 4 Paws believes in creative solutions to unique family.

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