July 1, 2010. From Kristen, Mother to Maya and SD Miami. It’s been almost two weeks since the training and I am still bursting with gratitude. The trainers Jeremy, Jennifer, Kayla, Kristie, and Jessalyn were extraordinary. Knowledgeable, supportive, funny, helpful, compassionate, gifted. Karen is inspiring. Suzanne the vet was really helpful. 4 Paws staff members were friendly and approachable. The families rocked! The dogs are all amazing. I kept clapping for them! Thanks to all!

The atmosphere was wonderful-relaxed, supportive.  On the first day, Jeremy told us he knew kids would have melt downs, run across the room, scream, cry, seize during class. None of it would bother the trainers. He just wanted to make sure we could hear him, so just let him know if he needed to adjust the mike. How I wish most places I go would adopt that mentality!!

Getting to hang out with other families experiencing some similar challenges was also a gift So is this list for that matter. Thanks to all who are on it and share struggles, silly stories, possible solutions, and hope.

It is wonderful to be home with Miami! She is awesome. Maya had a tough week last week -having 33 partial complex seizures. Miami was around for about half of those and helped alert me to 3 of them when I was in another room. She sleeps by Maya at night. Maya loves when we practice “over.” She likes the deep pressure. Most times it makes her laugh.

She loves to throw the tennis ball with Miami (Maya has a longer attention span for that than Miami does). Maya likes to give her treats. Maya also likes to bring all of Miami’s toys to her regardless of where Miami is (we’re working on gently bringing them to her, also working on helping Maya handle surprise licks and surprise sniffing, and occasional incidental scratching with a paw.) Miami is super sweet with neighbor kids, dogs, and cats. Awesome blessing to have Miami in our family. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you 4 Paws!!!…Kristen