Make a Dream Come True

Lewis Hay III

By July 16, 2020 July 18th, 2020 No Comments

I would like you to meet Lewis, my son who is 8 ½ years old.  Lewis was diagnosed with ND-PAE (Neurodevelopmental Disorder associated with prenatal alcohol exposure) a fancy term for Fetal alcohol Spectrum Disorder.  Lewis came to our family as an infant in a private adoption.  He started out life as a typical infant.  At around 13 months I noticed changes in his behavior, from eating issues, to sleeping issues, some health issues as well.  We just plugged along for many years watching his behaviors become more and more unsettling.  Once in school, his behaviors escalated and the cause for concern escalated as well.  In June of 2019 Lewis was finally diagnosed. It was a diagnosis that not only caused fear in my heart, but also it was a relief to know just what we were dealing with.  Lewis suffers from moderate depression, dysregulation with his emotions and is subject to outbursts and anxiety daily. He is the sweetest, most compassionate child who loves his pets (especially his chickens), loves Minecraft, riding his bike and his hoverboard.   A service dog will not only help Lewis in his daily life, learning to navigate the world with lots of changes and decisions to make, but also to assist him in regulation of his emotions, and handling situations where his anxiety gets the better of him. 

Lewis’s doctors and I believe that an FASD service dog would greatly benefit him.  A service dog would offer him friendship, independence and security.  It would be trained to cope with his behaviors, offer him affection and touch stimulus to help calm him. The dog would also hopefully help Lewis make friends his own age and would provide some independence and security for my son. He would also be trained to track Lewis, should we become separated for any reason.

Would you please consider a donation to assist us in reaching our fundraising goal of $17,000.00?  I have selected 4 Paws for Ability to be our service dog provider because of their excellent reputation. 4 Paws was the first agency in the United States to begin placing highly skilled FASD assistance Dogs and the first agency known to place these assistance dogs with tracking skills.