We would like you to meet our 3½ year old son, Keenan! Keenan joined our family at one month old; he was adopted at 19 months. He was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) in January 2018. FASD is a physical, brain-based disability causing structural, developmental and even cellular differences. Typically the only symptoms of FASD are behavioral changes. For Keenan things that induce behavioral changes include sensory processing challenges, difficulty transitioning from one activity to another, perseverating on a toy, idea or activity, slow processing, dysmaturity, impulsiveness, sleep issues and social delays along with other struggles.

Keenan is a beautiful, shy boy with a sweet temperament. He enjoys creative play, singing, music, reading and being read to. He loves the outdoors, swinging, climbing, jumping, nature walks, making snowmen and sand castles. He craves routine and has always been a naturally early riser. He is hardworking, cooperative, curious, and intelligent. His memorization skills and ability to stick with a task will help him succeed in life.

FASD, combined with prenatal and early trauma, cause Keenan anxiety, which alters his ability to be successful in his favorite activities. Keenan’s anxiety is most visible at developmental preschool and in crowded settings in the community. While we have adapted our home as much as possible to prevent dysregulation, it is harder to change the environment in public places. 4 Paws for Ability specifically trains service dogs for those affected by FASD. The service dog can help with sensory overload, interrupt compulsive thought patterns, prevent wandering in public, improve communication in social settings, provide calm and focus, increase independence, create emotional attachment, teach empathy and help them build a relationship.

When we first read this description of what an FASD assistance dog can provide we knew Keenan needed a furry best friend to help him. It costs 4 Paws $40,000-60,000 to train a dog to meet Keenan’s specific needs. In order for Keenan to receive his service dog, we need to raise $17,000 for 4 Paws. All donations (including goods, services, and volunteering at or attending fundraising events) are greatly appreciated. Thank you so much for your generosity.

All monetary donations should be made DIRECTLY to:

4 Paws For Ability
In honor of Keenan R
253 Dayton Ave.
Xenia, OH 45385

If you wish to make a donation on-line the website is www.4pawsforability.org/donate-now . Include Keenan’s name in the notes or instructions to merchant section. You may also call to make a credit card donation over the phone at (937) 374-0385 – Monday through Friday 9-4 EST.