Karen in running for “Rare Life Honor”

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karen-piper2Eagle Rare Bourbon is hosting their annual “Rare Life” contest, a competition meant to honor nominated individuals who make a positive difference in the lives of others. Our Founder, Karen Shirk, was nominated this year and is in the running for the grand prize!

Below is some of the contest information courtesy of Eagle Rare’s website:

“Some nominees are heroic. Some inspirational. Some just make an impact in their corner of the world. But all have one thing in common. They lead rare lives. Read their stories, vote on the ones that inspire you, and share them with friends.

At the end of the voting, 7 finalists will be selected from the top 20 nominees that receive votes. One of those 7 finalists will be chosen as the Grand Prize 2014 Rare Life Award winner.”

The Grand Prize

  • $40,000 donated by Eagle Rare in his/her name to the charity of his/her choice.
  • Eagle Rare will also host a local award reception for the Grand Prize award winner.

Runners Up

  • Eagle Rare will also donate $4,000 to the other 6 finalists charities’ of choice in their name.

Voting closes on January 7th, 2014, at which point the 7 finalists will be selected from the top 20 candidates. Everyone can vote once every 24 hours for a nominee.  Voting only takes one click, and the site does not require any personal information in order to participate.

Although votes are not the only determining factor when the final selection process begins, our votes are the best way to show Eagle Rare how much we love Karen, and how much we believe in the work of 4 Paws For Ability!

So please, every day if you can, take a moment to VOTE for Karen! Let’s show Eagle Rare just how many people support her life’s work! And SHARE the link as well! The more clicks, the merrier. 🙂

Click here to view Karen’s entry, read her story, and of course…..cast your vote!

Thanks friends!