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Juke calms Logan during severe meltdown

By May 5, 2012 June 4th, 2012 No Comments

March 12, 2012. Tonight I decided to see if Juke would do what he was trained to do. Logan was having a major meltdown and I made Logan move to his room for fear that he would hurt me during a tantrum and told Juke to “go to your boy.”

Once in the room, I said the command “Lap” and pointed at Logan who was screaming and head-banging. Juke jumped on the bed, backed up and sat on him, looking a little scared…It was a total transformation! Logan quit screaming and put his hand on Juke’s back.

I put my hand over his and helped him pet him. He cried and we petted Juke for about 10 minutes until Logan was happy.

Thank God for a good working service dog. I am forever grateful…from Logan’s mother, Donna Sauraq Erickson, Unalakleet, Alaska.