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Jonathan & Buddy

By October 22, 2017 No Comments

May 18, 2010  From Heather N., Mom to Jonathan and Buddy. Hi Everyone! It’s been a long time since I’ve posted to the group, but I wanted to share what a great morning we had today. I took Jonathan to the doctor and Buddy went with us. (We’ve had Buddy a year now). We were going to the doctor to get a script for an aug. comm. device for Jonathan. He is basically non-verbal.

Long story short…we’ve been waiting for Jonathan to bond with Buddy. It’s hard to tell if this is happening, but we keep trying. Well today when I parked the car at the medical center, Jonathan reached over and grabbed his tethering belt and SAID in a pitiful voice…”Come on Buddy.” A 3-word sentence!!! (And we were there to get the communication device script!) It was pathetic and amazing all at the same time. So I’m celebrating my miracle moment with my 4Paws friends. The only people in the world who truly understand what a great thing this is!