Make a Dream Come True

Jana Walther

By July 17, 2020 July 18th, 2020 No Comments

The Walther family is raising money for their daughter, Jana Walther, to receive a seizure alert service dog from 4 Paws for Ability. Jana suffers from unexpected seizures that have forced her to give up the activities and independence she enjoys. The Walther family hopes that Jana having a service dog to alert her and her family of seizures and comfort her in adversity will be the next step in helping her to regain independence. The family has raised $3,337 of their $17,000 goal and would like to ask the community to donate to their cause.


Jana is a very active member of church and youth group as well as a cooking, baking, equine, and dance enthusiast. These are all activities she loves but have been adversely affected by unexpected seizures, which can arise at any time. A service dog can give Jana warning of seizures and comfort her when they occur. A service dog is especially vital for Jana at night if she were to have a seizure in her sleep. Seizure alert service dogs are trained to alert the family so Jana can receive the help she needs. The Walther family truly believes that Jana and her dog will be “better together” and truly change their lives.


If individuals would like to donate to Jana’s cause, they can see her Facebook fundraiser “Tara’s Fundraiser for 4 Paws for Jana” at (Individuals are also able to send a check directly to 4 Paws with Jana Walther on the memo line to 207 Dayton Ave., Xenia, Ohio 45385.


About 4 Paws: Founded in 1998, 4 Paws for Ability, Inc., is a non-profit agency with global outreach serving children, veterans, and adults with disabilities by providing service dogs to those in need.  The training of a service dog is recipient specific with a focus on Autism Assistance dogs, Mobility Assistance dogs, Seizure Assistance Dogs, among others. The 4 Paws Organization was featured in Episode 1 of “Dogs” on Netflix