25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

17 Anna & Cadi17. I live in a world that I can trust.

This is Anna and her service dog Cadi.  Cadi helped Anna in a lot of ways; with walking, with picking up dropped objects, and importantly with trusting the world around her.  When Anna was unsure of stairs, Cadi patiently waited, while Anna determined how high each step was.  The ADA allowed Cadi to accompany Anna everywhere, even to school and on hospital visits, increasing her comfort and trust.  Anna could accomplish anything with Cadi by her side!  Her trust in Cadi helped her on her best days, like family vacation to an accessible Candyland themed playground; and on her not so great days, where her medical conditions were difficult to overcome.  Together, Anna and Cadi were the best pair.

Anna passed away in 2012, with her family by her side.  With Cadi, Anna trusted.  Thanks to her service dog and the protection of the ADA law, she could trust everywhere she went.  Her family and friends through Angels for Anna continue to trust the world – to trust that people are good, and have the capacity to do something nice, for someone else, every day.  Today, for Anna and Cadi, do something nice.

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