25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

10 Judi & Journey Rae10. I have fair access to employment.

The ADA was the first comprehensive law to ensure fair access to all employment and prohibit employment discrimination on the basis of a disability. Prior to the ADA many people with disabilities struggled to acquire positions, and if acquired faced problems with access to the employment location.

Judi and Journey Rae are happily employed in a local school district. They are loved and embraced by their community and their employer. Both were featured in their school yearbook. Journey is not only a service dog for Judi, but he is also used as a therapy dog for special needs children at the school. If a child is having a melt down Journey is sought after to help with that child. While trained for Judi, he uses his skills and charm to help each child he meets!

“I love that Journey is trained to help me, but is also able to be there for the children in my school”.

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