25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

18 Aiden & Kelcy18.  I can join my friends to PLAY!

The ADA provides individuals with disabilities access to programming and removal of physical barriers to facilities.  This means all kiddos get to participate with their peers, both in integrated and specialized activities! 

Aidan and Kelcy just look like a playful pair.  Aidan is an active kiddo, and participates in both dance and tennis.  They have also enjoyed the summer sun at a local accessible playground.  For quiet time, Aidan and Kelcy frequent their local library.  All things ones might expect of a kid, and because of the ADA, Aidan gets to experience them with Kelcy, and without barriers.

“Our lives have been forever changed by 4 Paws for Ability, With Kelcy by Aidan’s side, we know that he won’t wander away from her, but if he does we have the peace of mind that she will find him quickly.  This allows us to let Aidan play without the stress of losing him in a crowd.  Kelcy keeps him safe and he can just be a kid, enjoying the activities he loves.”

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