25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

19 Addie & Data19.  I am my own legal advocate.

When Congress prepared and finalized the ADA, they had no intent to diminish or invalidate any rights granted by other federal, state, or local laws and specifically wrote this into the regulation.  This means state laws can offer greater access than the federal law or work to make federal law explicitly clear within the setting of state legal proceedings.

This encourages all people to become their own legal advocates, working towards the best possible set of local, state, and federal laws for public access.  In New Jersey, Addie & Data, along with their super supportive mom and sister, worked swift and quick to make sure the pair were welcomed and loved in their school.  While doing this they found that NJ has specific laws allowing service dogs in school buildings and on school grounds, but nothing that clearly stated service dogs must also be permitted on school buses.  Working together with their Assemblyman, the Gill family watched Governor Chris Christie sign “Addie’s Law” this spring, making clear the requirement for accepting service dogs on school buses and reiterating other aspects of the ADA.

“We are so proud of Addie’s Law.  We hope to continue being legal advocates, especially where handlers for service dogs in schools are concerned.  Because Addie’s Law was a success, children in NJ who were having issues with school transportation won’t anymore”.

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