25 Ways the Americans with Disabilities Act has Changed Lives

22 Dalton & Jasper22. I am accepted for who I am.

For 25 years, the Americans with Disabilities Act has served as more than just a law. The requirements set forth within led to inclusion, which is often a step closer to acceptance. Acceptance allows a person to exist just as they are, with no worry for the way people see their medical conditions.

Dalton is a lucky kiddo, and while there are a lot of reasons, the best of which is that he has a loving community that accepts him. At school, church, and camp he is free to just be. This is good for Dalton, and good for his family. Harsh looks and stares seem unavoidable with the unprepared public, but are nowhere to be seen in his community. There is love, and hugs, and great care. This has only increased since Jasper has been by his side. Jasper is the elite partner and friend. He doesn’t know how to judge and his love is unconditional. Together they are strong and fearless, and thankfully, welcomed by their loved ones.

“So many things have changed since Jasper came into our lives. The biggest change is that Dalton is finally willing to go out in public again. He used to shake in fear, but he is now asking us to take him out. Dalton asks for Jasper and knows that they are best friends”.

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