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EKCC Anniversary

By August 18, 2019 No Comments

It’s a fine day for an anniversary! Happy First Anniversary to our EKCC Prison Puppy Enrichment Program!

If you haven’t been around all year, 1 year ago today the first puppies arrived to this new program. Unlike our traditional programs, this program takes mamas and their puppies around 2 weeks of age to EKCC. Our teammates there care for the mama and her puppies, giving them individual attention and a significant amount of early enrichment and training. Mama gets to come home when the puppies are weaned, and the pups stay for a few more weeks, coming home ready to rock in their new puppy raiser home around 12 weeks of age.

Amazing things have happened in this program! It is a wonderful extension of our mission and we are proud of all that our team has accomplished there. Today, we’ll highlight each pup from the first litter with a little update on how they are doing!

The EKCC Program gave Yonder a jump start in his training. He already knew some of his basic commands. 
It also helped him become the Facebook Star that he is today, with quite a fan club. Yonder has excelled in training throughout the year and we are happy to announce that Yonder has been promoted the breeding program! Maybe little Yonders will find their way back to EKCC someday!

If you would like to support the expenses involved with the EKCC program (like fuel, puppy supplies, etc.!) you can donate on this post or check out our wishlist: