Dustin “Jacob” Vega

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Waiting for his best friend

vegaDustin “Jacob” Vega is a 13 year old, who was diagnosed with Generalized Epileptic Seizures, Along with Depression, Asthma, and Sleep Disorder.
Jacob loves Lego’s, video games and helping others. He is a deacon in our church and is active in Boy Scouts. But his true love is music, and enjoys playing his saxophone for his younger brother and sister. My son tries to live life as normal, but some days are harder then most due to his medical condition. His first seizure was when he was 5 years old and now he has seizures in his sleep, this prevents him from sleeping alone. He is afraid of not waking up. When he has night seizures it makes it hard to get up in the morning, he usually sleeps all day and I keep an eye on him. I touch his head and softly tell him I’m here.
Jacob has had several accidents caused by his seizure disorder while playing outside, resulting in trips to ER for head injury treatment. He has been the target of inconsiderate people who would re-live for him his seizures; He refuses to wear a helmet and decides not to play outside anymore. It’s hard for him to make friends, and this is a whole part of his depression. If Jacob had a trained seizure service dog I feel this will give him the confidence and companionship he needs to help him through his hard times. A best friend he so desperately needs.
In 2013 Jacob’s Dr. suggested that we look into getting him a seizure dog, I wasn’t sure that this was what my son needed, nor was I sure I could afford another child. (Having a service dog is like having a child) But once I started researching service dogs, I found that this is exactly what Jacob needs. The best friend a boy could have with all the training that a parent needs to feel comfortable to see my child through life. I found 4PAWS FOR ABILITY, a non-profit origination which trains and places seizure service dogs with children who are in need. It costs $22,000 to train and place a dog with Jacob, the Vega family is committed to raising $13,000 in support of 4PAWS FOR ABILITY’S mission.
If you would like to help us reach our commitment with a tax-deductible donation, please visit (www.4pawsforability.org/donate.now) in honor of Dustin “Jacob” Vega or mail a check to: 4PAWS FOR ABILITY
                C/o Dustin Vega
                253 Dayton Ave.
                Xenia, OH. 45385
Thank you for taking the time to read about my son, and may God smile on you and your family.