Every day, families around the country are raising money so their children with disabilities can receive service dogs to improve their lives. You can learn about Waylon Handshoe below. Please help make this dream come true!

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Waylon Handshoe

Dreamer Waylon Handshoe

Hi, I’m Waylon. I am a very smart, funny, outgoing kid. My smile and blue eyes will just light up a room. I am very energetic, love to play outside with anything, riding my bike and running. One of my favorite things is helping my Papaw with outside work. I live outside of Lagrange, IN. I am raising money so I can get a service dog from 4 Paws for Ability.

While the doctors still are not quite sure why I am the way I am, it is thought that I have some form of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) along with PTSD and ADHD. These are invisible disabilities that have lifelong mental, physical, and emotional difficulties. For example, I have a difficult time controlling my impulses or predicting the outcomes of my actions. I am very hyper-active and am always on the go. I have a hard time controlling my emotions and will switch from happy to angry quickly. I struggle with bright lights, some loud sounds, and struggle with certain textures every day. I get overwhelmed very quickly and go into “fight or flight mode”. I will either start throwing things or will run away from people and hide.

I love animals. We have had dogs in the past and they helped me so much. My grandma has a dog that I snuggle and cuddle with when I am upset or feeling out of control. I tell people that my service dog will help me with my brain and thoughts. It will help keep me safe. It will also be able to notice when I am becoming overwhelmed and let me stay safe and help keep others safe. Since I love to run, it will also help my mom keep track of me if I get too far away. It will also be able to help when I am overwhelmed by calming me down. Having a service dog will give me more independence, allowing me to experience a lot more in my life. Situations that once would be difficult for me will no longer be an issue and that makes me happy. Plus, my best friend will always be with me. How cool is that?

I am so glad the 4Paws is going to help me along this journey and I feel so blessed to be given this opportunity.

How Can You Help?

It costs 4 Paws between $40,000-$60,000 to raise, train, and place a service dog. Our family has to raise $17,000 of that to pay for a service dog.

Donations by check in support of Waylon Handshoe should be made directly to 4 Paws for Ability – be sure to write Waylon Handshoe on the memo line.

Mail checks to: 4 Paws for Ability In Honor of Waylon Handshoe 207 Dayton Ave. Xenia, Ohio, 45385

If you wish to make an online donation directly through the 4 Paws For Ability website, click HERE. Be sure to include Waylon Handshoe in the memo line so that the amount is credited to the correct account!

If you would prefer to make a credit card payment over the phone, please call 4 Paws For Ability at 973-374-0385, Monday through Friday, 9am to 4pm.