Dogs Making a Difference: Tyler and Scooby

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Message from Linda: While Scooby may love cats more than the cats would prefer, Autism Assistance Dog, Scooby is the friend Tyler has waited so long to find. Scooby knows nothing of the word “different”; in Scooby’s eyes Tyler is the perfect friend just the way he is.

Tyler loves Scooby like he has never been able to love a person. He kisses him all the time. He is so proud too. He announces everywhere we go, “This is Scooby, my service dog. Scooby, meet might sound strange, but Scooby brought Tyler over the “kissing” hurdle. Tyler could not stand to kiss before Scooby. He would allow me to kiss his cheek or forehead, but would never kiss back or let you kiss his lips. He kisses me now and even kissed me on the lips once. He said, “I’m kinda gettin’ used to that. Scooby kisses me too.”

What a gift!!!! Thank you for Scooby and all he has brought to our family. We wouldn’t be complete without him. Love, Linda and Tyler