Dogs Making a Difference: Loki and Will

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Freshpet is a proud partner of 4 Paws For Ability, a very special organization that custom-trains assistance dogs for children facing a variety of challenges.

Freshpet is sending crates of fresh dog food to 4 Paws that they’re using to feed moms, puppies, and as high value training treats. And they’ve allowed us to share the stories of a few families who have received one of these amazing dogs.Today we’re featuring Will and autism assistance dog Loki, a black lab retriever. They were matched together in March 2016, and their mom Jenny tells us about how close they’ve become:

“What has surprised me the most is the incredible bond that Will and Loki have. When we entered into this service dog journey we were told that the child and dog may or may not bond, and that’s OK. A service dog will still work for a child even if a bond is not established. Well, Will and Loki have a bond like no other. They are the best of friends. Will does not engage in many interactive activities with his peers, but he plays fetch with Loki any time he finds a tennis ball. So not only does Loki provide safety and independence for Will, he’s his best friend.

Loki uses his training to make a difference for Will every day. Tethering [wearing a belt or harness with a tether that clips to their service dog’s vest] has been a godsend. It provides Will with the ability to walk independently in public without wandering away or bolting in a different direction. We don’t have to keep our hands on Will to keep him from running away.”