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Dogs Making a Difference: Flame and Joel

By October 15, 2017 No Comments

Freshpet is a proud partner of 4 Paws For Ability, a very special organization that custom-trains assistance dogs for children facing a variety of challenges.

Freshpet is sending crates of fresh dog food to 4 Paws that they’re using to feed moms, puppies, and as high value training treats. And they’ve allowed us to share the stories of a few families who have received one of these amazing dogs.Today we’re featuring Joel and seizure assistance dog Flame, a papillon. They were matched together in June 2013, and their mom Amy tells us about the amazing difference their new furry family member has made in their lives:

“Besides being trained for seizure alert, Flame is also a social bridge for Joel. Due to the severity of his epilepsy, in his early teens he was homebound for over two years. He went from an active 5th grader to almost couch-bound until 8th grade. Not going back to school until 8th grade was very daunting for Joel, and the fear of having a seizure at school was overwhelming. We were blessed for Flame to be able to start 8th grade with Joel. She made a huge difference in Joel’s outlook for attending public school again. He is now a very successful senior taking college classes at the Columbus Zoo, with dreams of working with animals as his career.”