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Dogs Making a Difference: Curtiss and Bryson

By October 9, 2017 No Comments

Curtiss is of the aeroplane litter. The Curtiss airplane looks fierce. It is painted to look like a shark, strong and brave. The Curtiss plane was a fighter and protected people. Much like our Curtiss.

Curtiss joined our family May 2017 and life has been incredible since. I had no idea going into this how drastically our lives would change. But here we are…living with a sense of peace, hope, and security that I had not known for the last 5 years of Bryson’s little life and journey with autism.

Bryson has a tendency to run away. Eloping is what they call it. He has gone missing a few times and each time is more scary than the last. Since bringing Curtiss home, he has already saved Bryson’s life, literally. It was a hot summer day. Bryson’s dad, Patrick, and I were working outside. He thought I had Bryson. I thought he had Bryson. When we met up and realized he was nowhere to be found, I did what I normally do. FREAK OUT! I started to head up the street searching everywhere. But Patrick, he immediately went inside, hooked up Curtiss to his leash and said those magical words, “Curtiss, go find your boy” and he did, right away! Curtiss took off and led Patrick right to where Bryson was. Bryson had climbed into the car and was sitting behind the steering wheel. We didn’t think to check there first because it was hot and surely, he wouldn’t lock himself in a hot car. But he did and by the time we got to him he was red faced, sweating, and a little lethargic. Minutes later and it could have been tragic.

Autism could have literally killed our boy, but we have Curtiss and as long as we have him, I honestly believe Curtiss will keep rescuing him. That’s who Curtiss is. He is a rescuer, a protector, and our little guys very best friend.
They sleep together. They attend school together. They are tethered anytime we are in public and at school. They play together. They are inseparable. Wherever Bryson goes, Curtiss goes. He is Bryson’s forever companion and best friend.

4 Paws has changed our lives and Curtiss has been the best addition to our family. We couldn’t have asked for a more perfect fit.