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Dogs Making A Difference: Curtiss and Bryson

By April 7, 2018 No Comments

July 10, 2017 – We practice tracking for a reason.

This afternoon, Curtiss was put to the test.
Patrick and I were doing yard work. He was watching Bryson. Or I was watching Bryson. Both of us were watching Bryson.

But then, he was gone.

Patrick rushed inside to search and I frantically scanned our yard and started to go up the street.  Before I got too far, Patrick clipped Curtiss’ leash to his collar. Not his harness, there was no time for that.

We didn’t need a special harness though.  Patrick spoke to Curtiss in a different tone.  It was a tone that meant business.  Not fun and games ‘go find your boy’. No. This time it was different.  It was with purpose and intent.

“Curtiss. Go find your boy.”

He nailed it. Patrick’s van. Windows rolled up. It was HOT. And Bryson was sitting inside. Just hanging out.  I would have never thought to check there. I was already headed up the street when he was found.

If we didn’t have Curtiss, who knows what would have happened. It was HOT today! And inside the vehicle was sweltering.  As a firefighter/medic, Patrick nearly came apart…just picturing the kids he’s rescued from hot cars…and the ones who weren’t rescued.

It isn’t about neglect. It isn’t about parenting. It is about the mysteries of autism.

And THIS story is about the miracle of a dog, who knows his boy, who is trained to find his boy. And today, the miracle of a dog who saved his boy’s life.