DJ & Nitro

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Nitro has brought peace into our house. When we first brought Nitro home this summer, the number of meltdowns DJ had seemed to really decrease. If DJ was starting to get out of hand, I would send him to his room with Nitro to cool down. One day I went up to check on him and the scene I came upon was a still angry boy muttering about his mom, a dog laying in front of him on his bed, and that same angry boy gently running his hand down the length of Nitro. With as angry as he sounded, I would have expected him to be pounding poor Nitro, but he wasn’t. In fact, as angry as DJ still tends to get, I have never seen him take out any aggression on Nitro. He’s a gem and I cannot thank 4 Paws enough for the work they do. Article on DJ and Nitro.